One of the first pieces of advice that most everyone gives to those who move is to purge before their move. From a moving standpoint, there is no need to move items that you no longer need or want. And from the point of organizing your new home...the less you have to put into your new home, the easier it will be to organize and keep tidy. However, purging before a move can be difficult for some people as they are not sure where to start, what to toss or keep, etc. We have a few tips that are going to help you purge before your move so that you are not moving unnecessary items.

How To Start Your Purge In Your Home

The more focused you are in completing this purge, the better. That is why the best tip that we can give you is to start in a room and finish in this room before moving on through the rest of your home. You will find that if you were to tackle the entire house at once, you will have a hard time in focusing on just what to toss, give away and what to keep.
Be sure that you eliminate all the trash from the room first, then grab a box for items that you want to donate or give away. While you are doing this, it is a good practice to start packing up this room as well.

How To Figure Out What To Keep Or Toss

This is where the hard decisions come into play. However, you should ask yourself these questions to determine if this is something to keep or toss:

1. Do you love the item?
2. Have you used this in the past year?
3. Could someone else benefit from this item?
4. Do you have more than one of these?
5. Would you really miss this if you didn’t have it?
6. Do you have a place for this in your new location?

Through looking at each item you question in this light, it can help you make the decision as to whether to keep or toss this.

Items You May Want To Ditch

There are some common items that many people have in their homes that are best donated or trashed. Items that you will want to get rid of include:

- Any expired sure to do this in a safe manner
- Expired food or spices
- Chipped items like cups, plates, etc.
- Old markers, pens, pencils, etc.
- Read magazines and newspapers
- Broken tools
- Towels and linens that have seen better days

Items that you may want to donate include:

- Appliances that you are not using such as a toaster, air fryer, etc.
- Clothing that no longer fits or you feel is outdated
- Coat hangers you do not need
- Holiday decor you do not plan on using again
- Furniture that will not fit into your new home
- Wall art that you no longer love

Once you have went through each room with these tips, you will find that the number of items left to pack are going to be greatly reduced, which helps you to get through the moving process with just what you need.

And remember, if you do not want to tackle the packing and moving process on your own, Quality Moving & Storage is here for all your packing and moving needs!