5 Tips To Pack Like An Expert


If you are wanting to make your Long Island move as easy as possible, the key is to have your move as organized as possible. Organization is key to any move being easy!

With these five tips, you can start packing your Long Island home like an expert!

1.  Sort Your Items

You need to know everything that you will be moving. Otherwise, you will feel as though everything is happening at once. Knowing what you have to move is the first step to being organized.

2.  Organize Your Items

Start grouping your items into piles. One pile will be for what you are packing to move. The other piles can be for items that you do not need but are in good shape, so you can donate these. While the last pile can be for items that need to be tossed.

3.  Gather Your Packing Supplies

Your packing supplies will include boxes, tape, labels, markers, packing paper, bubble wrap, and other items to keep your boxes organized.

4.  Start Packing These Items

Now, it is time to start packing these items. Start by packing those items you seldom use or will not need before moving into your new location. Be sure to pack these boxes tightly to prevent items from moving around. Remember, you can always use your bath towels and even bedding to make the box packed tighter.

5.  Take Your Time With Fragile And Valuable Items

Those super fragile items will need more time to pack. You will want to use packing paper and bubble wrap to ensure these items are protected while moving. Take your time and do this right…the extra time you take will be well worth it.

Remember, if you are still unsure where to start with packing or want to hire the experts to do this, Quality Moving & Storage is here to help with all your packing and moving needs in the Long Island area. Call us today to get a free quote for your move: 631-392-7077!