When moving into a new home, you probably feel a little bit of anxiety and excitement! For many people, a new home is like a blank canvas that they can make into something that is highly personal. With that being said, we have a list of items you may want to consider starting over fresh within your new home just to make it more personal and help you get started!

1. Decor Items

If you are moving into a new home, perhaps you don’t want to take all your old decor items into it. Instead, you may want to start fresh. After all, a new house may equal a new look in your mind. If this is your decision, be sure to either take your old decor items and donate them, sell them in a yard sale, or give them to those who may love them. This way, you do not have to pack something you are not planning to use.
Decor items that you may want to consider to help liven up your new home include:

- Paint for the walls
- Plants to add a breath of life to your new home
- Area rugs
- Curtains for windows
- New bedding for a new look in your bedroom

2. Safety Items

Along with various decor items you may want to replace, there are some things you should replace in your new home for safety reasons.

- Install new door locks because you never know how many spare keys were given out by the previous owners.
- Smart doorbells are all the rage and may be another safety feature you can add to your new home.
- Fresh fire detectors, or simply replace the batteries in what is in the house, this is completely up to you.

3. Furniture

Believe it or not, a lot of people decide on new furniture when moving into a new home. In many cases, this may be because their old furniture will not fit into their new house, specifically if they have downsized. Other people simply want to start out with new items because their old was getting worn down.

The best rule of thumb to remember if you are on the fence about purchasing these items new or using your old is whether your old items are going to fit into your new home or do you simply need a change. Keeping this in mind will help you determine what you should do.

Remember, if you are gearing up for a move to a new location, Quality Moving & Storage is here to help with this move. Our trained crews can move your items and get these situated in your new home, so you can avoid the heavy lifting!